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Online Coaching
  • Most Requested Service
  • 1-on-1 – communicate directly with Rob every week
  • All Inclusive – accountability, motivation, and habit integration
  • 100% Personalized – programs are written for each individual
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  • Options:
    • Business – business coaching to increase business-related knowledge and earnings, as well as nutrition and training education
    • Classic – covers any and all goals including competition support
      • Aesthetics – competition day nutrition, posing coaching & routine creation, etc
      • Strength – competition day nutrition, weight cut prep, attempt selection, etc
    • Rehab – Perfect for those wanting to address / identify movement issues related to pain, injury, and/or low performance
    • Nutrition – nutrition program guidance with weekly reviews, Q&A, and nutrition-based education
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Virtual Consultation
  • 1-hour – divided into:
    • ~40 minutes of discussion
    • ~20 minutes used to create supporting information based on the discussion that will be emailed to you
  • General:
    • Can discuss any topics of your choice; most requested are specialty concerns regarding nutrition and training (lifestyle, disabilities, family demands, etc)
  • Business:
    • Can discuss any topics of your choice; most requested are income streams, sales / pricing, promotion, social media, and programming
  • Pricing: $100
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Services for Gym Owners / Training Directors / Personal Trainers
  • Training Program Template Creation
    • Create templates you and your trainers can use to ensure consistent high quality programming while still having the ability to personalize the program to each individual client’s needs – template education is included
    • Templates are created uniquely for each request and are specific to your available equipment, session length, and other individualized needs
    • Pricing: $200 per Template (includes one-month support)
  • Nutrition Coaching Service
    • Improve sales, retention rates, and results by pairing our Nutrition Coaching service with your training services
    • To learn more about this service click here
    • Pricing: $100/month per client
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