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Corrective Therapy Program to address Knee and Shoulder Health while Improving Mobility, Core Strength, and Overall Body Mass & Strength

This program was written for a client who has a past history of knee and shoulder issues. We’re working to address and strengthen those issues along with improving mobility and overall body mass and strength. The client wants to restore a healthy and physically active lifestyle without movement related pains.

All programs are uniquely created for each individual based on:

  • Goals
  • Current Abilities
  • Schedule
  • Equipment Availability
  • Workout Style Preference

Included with all training programming is personalized nutrition programming, weekly one-on-one communication with unlimited Q&A, and weekly video reviews

Other Free Program Examples

Training Program – Female – Fat Loss, Shaping, & Mobility

This program was written for a female in combination with an individualized nutrition program. The intent of the combined programs is to promote fat loss, improve muscular shape and strength, as well as improve mobility specifically related to the hips

Training Program – Male – Powerlifting with Non-Gym Option Weekend Workouts

This program was written for a male who competes in powerlifting but also needs leeway to allow for weekend travel. This specific program is a transitional program from an off-season building phase into a competition prep phase

Training Program – Male – Bodybuilding with Attention to Severe Injury Rehab After Car Crash

This program was written for a male who suffered severe injuries in a car crash resulting in ankle immobility, extreme unilateral strength differences, and abdominal injury. The program is designed to require no ankle extension / flexion, direct and indirect core involvement, and unilateral strength and muscle mass building stimulus

Training Program – Female – Bodybuilding with High Volume to Promote Fat Loss

This program was written for a female wanting to maximize training volume to achieve the greatest rate of muscular growth with the greatest rate of fat loss possible. This training program is combined with an individualized nutrition program which is required for the program to achieve the greatest results possible.

Training Program – Female – Combined Program for Powerlifting and Marathons

This program was written for a female who wanted to compete in both powerlifting and marathon running. Our goal was to compete in 2-3 powerlifting competitions per year while also competing in 1-2 marathons a year

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