Live Monthly Programming is a monthly subscription service for training programming that includes individualized education. You can ask any questions you want and you’ll receive a direct, personalized answer!

What Makes it “Live”?
  • Live Weekly Virtual Q&A
    • Subscribers are given access to participate in a LIVE virtual Q&A session with Rob
  • Live Weekly Group Q&A
    • Subscribers are given access to a Live Google Doc to ask questions and receive direct answers from Rob
  • Live Current Knowledge
    • All programs are written brand new every 4 weeks ensuring that the programming is up-to-date with Rob’s current best knowledge. Most monthly programming is written and then sold for years unedited so to have programming that is “live” ensures the best experience and results!
With this service you get:
  • Brand New Workouts Every 4 Weeks
    • All programs include up to 6 workouts per week
    • All exercises include a video tutorial
  • Unlimited Q&A
    • 24/7 access to ask anything and receive a personalized answer
      • Examples:
        • Exercise technique / substitution
        • Exercise video reviews
        • Nutrition

The subscriber will be able to select from various programming goals and follow along with the current programming for that month

Program Options:
  • Powerbuilding Program – a hybrid program of strength and bodybuilding with a focus on narrowing the midsection while thickening the upper body and thighs in order to create an X frame for maximal aesthetics while progressing overall strength in squat, bench press, deadlift, and overhead press
  • Female Shape Development Program – a hybrid program of muscle shaping and fat loss with a focus on lifting and “popping” the glutes, creating an almond-shaped / tapered thigh, and adding detail to the shoulders and upper back
  • Pure Bodybuilding Program – a program focused purely on aesthetic development with a main focus on shoulder width, detailed abdominal development, and sweeping thighs.
  • Functional Athleticism Program – a hybrid program of strength, muscle shape, and athleticism. This program will improve strength for basic barbell movements while blending fun, unique movements that improve mobility, muscle shape, and body weight strength / athleticism
  • Functional Longevity Program – a hybrid program of strength and muscle shaping with a focus on maximizing mobility and functional longevity – how to age while remaining strong and mobile without common aches and pains that are unfortunately often associated with heavy resistance training
  • This service is $50/month
  • There is no contract, you can cancel at any time

To sign up for the service us the form below

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Program Start Dates for 2023

When you start your subscription to the service you will be sent the current month’s program at the time of signup and then you’ll receive new monthly programs on the scheduled dates below

  • Jan 30 – Month 1
  • Feb 27 – Month 2
  • Mar 27 – Month 3
  • Apr 24 – Month 4
  • May 22 – Month 5
  • Jun 19 – Month 6
  • Jul 17 – Month 7
  • Aug 14 – Month 8
  • Sep 11 – Month 9
  • Oct 9 – Month 10
  • Nov 6 – Month 11
  • Dec 4 – Month 12

Live Weekly Virtual Q&A

Each week you will receive an email notification of the day and time for that week’s live virtual Q&A session. The day / time of the virtual Q&A will vary each week in hopes of increasing availability for all subscribers to participate

Live Weekly Group Q&A

When you start your subscription to the service you will be sent a link to the Google Live Document associated with your program of choice. Within that document you will be able to write any questions you have and Rob will respond each week to all questions presented