Gym membership allows 24/7 gym access with no contract

Price:  $60 / month / person

Member Support:

  • FREE Daily Podcast
    • Covers nutrition, training, and mindset information
    • You can submit questions / topics for the podcast at any time!
    • You can access the podcast here and on iTunes, Podbean, and any other popular platform under the name “Brutal Iron Gym”
  • FREE Social Media Education
    • Every day we post educational content in addition to our daily podcast. To access this content click here or search for “Brutal Iron Gym” on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook
  • FREE Training Programming
    • As a member of the gym we offer 4-months of training program focused on various goals for both females and males. To learn more about the free programming click here

We also have personal training and individualized programming options at extra costs. To find out more about those services click here

If you are considering becoming a member please listen to the gym rules by clicking here

To visit the gym use the Contact Us form below to schedule a time

We cap the membership at 100 people. If you’re interested in a membership use the Contact Us form below to check if we currently have openings

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