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Jan 11 2023 – Bodybuilding Leg Day
In this video I perform and discuss a bodybuilding leg workout focused on thickening the thighs without thickening the core muscles

Jan 6 2023 – Conventional Deadlift Accessory Workout
In this video, at a viewer’s request, I explain a workout designed to improve Conventional Deadlift strength, technique, and associated aesthetic development of the glutes and hamstring!

Dec 15 2022 – Giant Set for Leg Growth and Accessory Strength
In this video I explain a recent leg workout that featured a 4-exercise circuit followed by strength and recovery accessory movements

Dec 10 2022 – Intensity Technique Education
In this video I demonstrate and explain the intensity techniques of Slow & Go, Rest/Pause, Tempo Control, and Slowed Eccentrics

Dec 3 2022 – Leg Workout
This is the second leg workout of the week so I focused on higher volume with less joint stress, and got to try a new Safety Squat Bar!!!

Dec 2 2022 – Chest & Back Workout
This is the second day workout of a two-day repeated body part workout

Nov 28 2022 – Birthday Leg Workout
Today was my birthday!!! So I celebrated with a ridiculously hard leg workout!

Nov 21 2022 – Back Workout
An upper back workout focused on building a better V-taper

Nov 10 2022 – Leg Workout
A lower body workout focused on growth without thickening the mid-section